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| 23 Dez 2015 - 11:30

Hi, I am a 34 year old that has almost the same story you do. The big thing difefrent is that I had to go almost a year before I could start my reconstruction. I withdrew from everyone and everything I enjoyed in life including my 3 beautiful blessings, My children. On April 2nd 2009 I had a double mastectomy done because I carry the breast cancer gene and over 80% of my breast tissue was cystic. I have watched my birth mother go through breast cancer 3 times before I decided to have the surgery done. Since then my birth mother has been diagnose 2 more times and and they cant do anything else for her. I also have two sisters that have been diagnosed and my grandmother was diagnosed almost 11 years ago and has refused treatment. I, too, have had the skin spacers put in and that is as far as I have gotten because I dont have insurance. The only reason I have the skin spacers is because my then 9 year old son sent an email to a plastic surgeon in NY and asked him if he could help make his mommy smile again. The plastic surgeon had me come in and I explained that I didnt have insurance nor the money and he done everything except the anesthesia pro-Bono. That was 03/19/2010. I went for 4 appointments for the fills on my spacers and now Im out of money to finish the rest of the process. I am sharing this with you not because I want help, but to say that I too admire the courage you have had throughout your experience. I pray everyday that not only will one day I will be able to take my clothes off and see a normal looking chest instead of two mounds with scars across them. My experience has really messed with my mental aspect and I dont even want to shed my clothing for my husband who has stood behind and supported me 100%. So I ask that you too keep praying and keep your courage hun. God Bless you and I will keep you in my prayers as well as all women who face this terrible monster.yours truelyMelissa AdamsWeston, WV [url=]yoddbj[/url] [link=]hmmqmd[/link]

| 20 Dez 2015 - 06:56

Judi, you rock. Yes indeed it is the woman, not the brsaets! If you've got any ideas on how to get legs for my brsaets I would love to hear them! There are many breast cancer songs, but I think this one (in my highly biased opinion) seems to give survivors the lift they need [url=]jezxkmmaaow[/url] [link=]icbvgk[/link]

| 18 Dez 2015 - 11:57

a mastectomy purcedore. a mastectomy is a surgical removal which consists of removal of the woman's breasts. it is usually done to treat breast cancer but is done also during female to male sex change purcedores. it is made of stretch fabric so that patients can move without

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